Comfort 24/7 -
Service company

A modern residential maintenance company
that will promptly resolve your everyday household problems. 
“Comfort 24/7” is the first service company in Zaporizhzhia that will break all the stereotypes surrounding the housing and utilities sector.

A young team of specialists with a fresh look
at the maintenance of apartment buildings will provide:

  • timely support
  • regular cleaning and sanitation control
  • security and round-the-clock protection of the complex

This team knows exactly how to make your life more comfortable

Application features

  • 01. Promptly resolves issues for the comfort and convenience of the residents of the complex
  • 02. Provides access to up-to-date information about the developer's activities and news of the residential complex
  • 03. Timely notifies residents of important events in the building: repairs,
    water and elevator shutdowns, preventive measures, etc.
  • 04. Automates contacting the service company
    regarding the arrangements of the house, cleanliness
    of the territory of the complex, and other possible issues/questions
  • 05. Provides an opportunity for control
    of security in the complex's adjoining territory
    by granting access to video surveillance cameras

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