SENSAR Rentier -
renting out
your real estate

We provide all the necessary services for homeowners
who want to rent out their property.

We also specialize in renovating business spaces
and elite apartments for further leasing.

Service package of additional services:

  • high-quality photography
  • tenant screening
  • promotion of the property
  • conclusion of the contract
  • and much more

SENSAR Rentier
how it works

  • Finding tenants/buyers

    • We develop an individual program
      for renting/selling your apartment with a maximum
      coverage of potential tenants
    • We take professional photos of real estate objects
    • We check the documents of potential tenants and owners
    • We prepare a lease agreement that maximizes the protection
      of the property owner
  • Full legal support

    • We prepare a lease agreement that maximizes the protection
      of the property owner
    • Conclusion of lease/purchase agreements
  • Communication with tenants

    • Moving in / moving out
    • Information support on any issues
  • Payments control

    • Reminder and control of utility payments
    • Reminder and control of payment under the lease agreement
  • Property inventory

    • Conducting an inventory of property
      in case of eviction and settlement of tenants
    • Checking and controlling the condition of the property
  • Home staging

    • Elimination of minor damage to furniture, checking and repairing household appliances, preventive maintenance of air conditioners, etc. (based on additional estimates)
    • Replacing light bulbs, repainting walls, replacing wallpaper, curtains, etc. (based on additional estimates)
    • General cleaning of the apartment after tenants move out

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